Riding the Wave (or, Glad to Not Have Writer’s Block Right Now)

20 01 2010

There are rare moments for me as a writer (and for many writers, from what I’ve heard/read), when your writing flows more smoothly than usual, when you can’t wait to sit down and start your hands moving, when you feel like writing is one of those things you will never stop doing. You actually enjoy the writing, even when it’s not coming out perfect–you enjoy the act in and of itself.

I feel fortunate to be having that feeling right now–yesterday and today. And good thing too, because I’m on deadline–actually, two deadlines–right now. I’m trying to finish up the application essays and my manuscript submissions for the Macondo Workshop, Sandra Cisnero’s annual writers’ workshop, and Blue Mountain Center’s residency, which takes place at a beautiful retreat house in the Adirondacks.

I’m not a particularly prolific writer–the combination of my often-annoying but sometimes useful perfectionism and my propensity towards distraction by work, house chores, my husband, whatever whatever, for hours on end being the cause–so I find these moments to be precious. I gotta milk them for all their worth. And obviously, when I have things I absolutely have to get done because of deadlines (I’ve tried to come up with less morbid, more positive terms, but ‘deadlines’ just works for me), it helps not to be blocked.

But is it the deadline that somehow breaks through my writer’s block? Or is it the fact that this blog and the other one that I started in the past week have helped me cut through some of my usual resistance to sitting down and typing? Who knows? I’m not going to question it, I’m just going to go with the flow and hope it takes me in the direction that I want to go.

And gets me to meet those deadlines!




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22 01 2010
The Usefulness of Procrastination « Writing Down the Path

[…] of Procrastination 22 01 2010 Today, I’m not really blocked but I’m not exactly riding the wave either. It’s more like I’m waiting for a good one, and just chillin’ and coasting […]

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