Riding the Other Wave

12 02 2010

As you might’ve noticed, I haven’t been blogging much these last few days, on this blog or on my other blog. I’ve been having some serious health issues—nothing life-threatening (or so I hope), but serious enough to warrant me scaling back on activities and just making me take it easy. It’s so crucial to take care of ourselves at times like these, even if it means missing out on things that we really wanted to participate in—I didn’t, for example, end up reading last night in the City, although I really wanted to be there. Our health needs to be the #1 priority for each of us, which would help us lead more balanced lives and ultimately just be more sane and happy as individuals, families, and communities.

I’m hoping to get back to blogging by early next week, but just wanted to let you know in the meantime that I hadn’t forgotten about my writing or this blog. I’ll be back after this other type of wave—the Life wave, I call it—has calmed down, and things are a little bit more back to normal again. And I hope you’ll still be here to read what I have to say.




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