Shoulder to the Wheel

22 02 2010

The health problems I mentioned earlier included anemia/low-iron, which made me unable to focus long enough to write more than a couple pages. It was super-frustrating, but now I’m back in the saddle and just in time, as I have two deadlines I need to write stuff for—actually make that three: my next SundayStories writing group submission in a few weeks, my application to VONA by the end of March, and a reading that I’m coordinating with folks from last year’s VONA fiction workshop with Junot Diaz, also in March.

I’ve learned that it always takes more time than I think it will to finish up anything, especially if it’s my fiction writing, so I’m giving myself plenty of lead-time to work on all three deadlines. I can’t crank out fiction the way I can memoir/creative non-fiction or the grant proposals that I’ve written so many of over the past fourteen years, at least not now, so I gotta give myself plenty of time. Not easy for someone who’s so used to multi-tasking, being efficient, and getting things done quickly. But then again, many worthwhile goals are not easy to achieve, right? Half the satisfaction is in the process, the other half in reaching your goal, knowing how hard you worked and how you overcame obstacles along the way.

So, my shoulder’s to the wheel now, and while I metaphorically begin to sweat and push and labor over my writing, I also feel very satisfied knowing that my muscles still work.




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22 02 2010


24 02 2010
Lou Leone

We’d love to know if there is anything we can do to help with aforementioned health problems.

(we= your east coast sibling and myself)

24 02 2010

Aw, thanks Lou, that’s very sweet. I gotta call Arlene with an update soon. It’s nothing serious, but it was kind of frustrating for a while there. Love and hugs to all my East Coast fam!

26 02 2010

You’re very welcome.

Take care.

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