My First Fiction Contest

19 03 2010

I half-decided a while back to submit something for the Hyphen Magazine and Asian American Writers Workshop 2010 short story contest. But today, just a few minutes ago, I actually paid the entrance fee of $20, which means I’ve lit the proverbial fire under my ass. This year’s contest judges are authors Alexander Chee and Jaed Coffin.

The deadline is coming up very soon: March 31, so I don’t have tons of time. I’m going to really need to spend a lot of hours writing, revising, polishing. I don’t know exactly what I’m going to submit—it’s a toss-up between two stories I’ve been working on, neither one of which is very ‘Asian-American’ in an obvious way, but there are no theme restrictions, so hopefully that won’t be a problem. Both of the stories do feature Asian-American characters (Filipino in both cases).

I’m a little nervous about submitting something ‘good enough’ in time for the deadline, but I need to remind myself that even if I don’t win, just entering something into the contest will help me get my name out there, and get my writing into the hands of published writers and other people in the business. If I win something or get any recognition out of this is sort of incidental, a nice icing on the cake (and of course something I’ll be hoping for, I am an overachiever Capricorn after all!), but I can’t stay focused on that as I prepare my manuscript. I just have to focus on getting a story done and polished as best I can, and on time.

Another note: my former co-worker and fiction writing comrade



3 responses

20 03 2010

Yay! good for you! If you need someone to cast an eye over the story you pick to submit, let me know!

21 03 2010

Thanks Claire! I’ll probably take you up on that.

31 03 2010
Progress « Writing Down the Path

[…] stories. I won’t say which one it is since I am going to be sending it in as my entry for the Hyphen/AAWW short story contest, the deadline for which was extended to April […]

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