The P-word

22 03 2010

No, not publication, but it’s polar opposite: procrastination.

I’m just not feeling like writing today, despite the fact that I didn’t go to my exercise class today and cleared a chunk of my calendar this week to work on this deadline. This frickin’ sucks. I hate it when I actually HAVE the time to write and my brain / body is just not motivated to do so. Procrastination for me comes in the form of me puttering around the house, looking for little tasks to do—I just finished cleaning my shower, for example, which I could have easily done later (after writing!). I finally got myself to sit down at the computer a few minutes ago to write, and of course the twin evils of Facebook and Twitter are tempting me down the rabbit hole of online social networking.

But NO! I told myself—get on your blog instead and write about your procrastination. At least you’ll be writing! And this blog has saved my writing self more than once since I launched it about two months ago. It does help to write out my challenges with my writing practice—which is exactly what I wanted this blog to do.

Ok, I’m almost 200 words in and I’m starting to feel better. I think I’m going to keep writing on the computer—I recently started revising a short story I desperately want to finish by hand, and it’s been an interesting process, but more on that later—and work on a couple of pieces, one of which is definitely a contender for the Hyphen / AAWW contest. Deadline countdown: only 10 days left! Maybe I’ll find some kind of app to add to my blog/Facebook page to keep me accountable to my goal.

And of course, dear reader, you are encouraged to deliver a swift kick to my lazy writerly ass in the form of your comments. Thanks in advance.




2 responses

22 03 2010

Looks like the beginnings of a good, full-fledged article on procrastination! Hmm. Is procrastination gendered? Is there a racial aspect to it? Does procrastination mean something different to you if you are brown, rather than white? Just wondering…

22 03 2010

Wow, never thought about all that stuff Jean—or at least, not quite in the same way. I would think it is gendered to some degree—at the very least in terms of what women vs. men do when they are procrastinating. I wonder how many men really do clean their bathrooms when they should be writing! 😉

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