7 04 2010

I just found out today that I was accepted for this summer’s Macondo Foundation workshop, which was founded by famed writer Sandra Cisneros as a place to nurture writers whose work is socially engaged. I thought it was quite a long shot for me to get into the program—which is really more of a community that includes access to a residency program and other cool support systems—so I am thrilled to have been accepted.

This writing life is so fascinating—just a few days ago I was feeling a bit down about how I haven’t had any of my fiction published yet (although I am going to be sending a few things out soon), and then this happens. It’s a bit of a roller coaster ride sometimes, this writing life. But it is MY life now, and I embrace it with open, welcoming arms.




4 responses

7 04 2010

Congratulations, Rona!

7 04 2010

Many thanks!

7 04 2010

Go Rona! Glad to hear some big important grouping of writing people have noted your brilliant and want to hang out with you and support you in getting other folks to notice too :^)

13 04 2010

Way to go!

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