(No) Time to Write

24 04 2010

You can probably guess from my absence on this blog that I’ve been busy with other things. Unfortunately, they have not been writing-related. On the other hand, my fundraising consulting business is thriving, which will help me take off three weeks this summer for writing workshops and retreats. So it’s a blessing for my writing that I’m so busy thusfar.

But this brings me back to a question that a lot of people I know who want to write but have intense, 40+hours a week jobs ask me often: “How do I find time to write?” I answered that question in an earlier post, and I find myself turning to that post now to remind me that, even though I haven’t had time to write more than a couple blog posts and journal entries over the past few weeks, I am still a writer, and I will find the time to write when I need to.

For example, I have two deadlines coming up in May that I’m setting out to meet, one for this Visions 2042 project: Notes toward a Racial Order Transformed, and another for fiction deadline Shareable.net, a web site that features content about sharing as a path to sustainability. I don’t know yet if my super-packed work schedule over the next few weeks will allow me to meet them, but I’m going to try my hardest and do my best.

And that’s pretty much all one can be expected to do. If we all tried our best most of the time with most of the things we do, I think the world would be a much better place.




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