Getting ‘Lost’

19 05 2010

I’ve been getting lost on a few levels—lost in work, which has been keeping me from my writing (but I’ll be going to writing workshops this summer so that’s what I’m banking on)—and lost in ‘Lost’. Not because I’m a huge fan of the show (I’m not, although I do find it entertaining and intriguing, especially as a writer), but my husband is obsessed with the show, so much so that during the 9 o’clock hour on Tuesday night, I am not allowed to talk to him except during commercial breaks. (I am not, unfortunately, kidding)

Ironically, my husband owes me, and my writing, for his entree into the world of ‘Lost’, since we only started watching it a few years ago on the recommendation of my writing teacher at VONA one summer, Chris Abani. I was writing a fantasy/speculative fiction novel at the time, which got critiqued in Chris’ workshop, and Chris told me I should watch ‘Lost’, because “a lot of weird shit happens” in it. That phrase could probably sum up lost in a nutshell.

As a writer, I’m fascinated with the complicated structure and plotlines that the show’s writers and creators have crafted, and wondering how they’re going to wrap it all up in the season finale. I’m also hoping that ‘Lost’ doesn’t end the way Battlestar Galactica did, with more than a whimper than a bang. The last couple episodes explaining Joshua and the Smoke Man/Man in Black’s backstory and thus the story of the island’s power have been a bit cheesy and disappointing, but I’ll watch it until the end and keep my hopes up.